BA Architecture Thesis (2016)

The project aims to address the needs of Manchester’s rough sleeper population through an industrial setting, looking at the present day condition of the "Little Ireland" that Friedrich Engels wrote about in 1845.

The programme of the building balances the need for accomodation and employment for Manchester's rapidly increasing homeless population, with a range of jobs in the weaving and manufacturing of cotton garments, in homage to the historical textile industry that the city was built on. There are public functions to the building, so as to not hide issues away from the general population. This is achieved through a series of multifunctional spaces where the public are able to learn from the workers.

The site is a much underused, but highly central spot within Manchester. Attention to how the building responds to the public space around it was carefully considered, to the extent that the building's massing experiments with an approachably domestic scale at its upper level, as well as an imposingly industrial scale where it meets the ground.