Crisis/Utopia puts the Covid-19 pandemic into its historical context by looking at the different realities that we are accelerating towards as a result of global responses to the unfolding pandemic. Still paying acute attention to the vast inequalities exposed during this period, it can’t be ignored that several prominent societal changes are coming into being, many of which could lead to a more just society. While these vary widely depending on the context, the narrative of this project weaves together different case studies in order to examine emerging spatial and political trends. Could it be said that the world we are currently facing is a prototype for Utopia?

Four narratives, in the form of recorded audio voiceovers, centre around different spatial archetypes: Factory, Housing, Warehouse, and Streetscape. These are connected through a central interactive map which references the original Utopia that was conceptualised by Sir Thomas More in 1516, and each narrative becomes a fictional settlement within this. Visually, these take the form of a surreal 3D rendered animation, created in collaboration with Divya Patel.

This project was produced as part of a special online edition of the GEO–DESIGN exhibition platform from Design Academy Eindhoven, curated by Martina Muzi.

Project Credits:

Colin Keays – Concept Design, Research & Development.
Divya Patel – Art Direction & Visual Narratives
Naysan Foroudi – 3D Navigation System
Niek van Sleeuwen – Web Development & Coding
Anshula Bain, Jack Bardwell – Voice Actors

Colin Keays 2021