Public / Private
Performances (2018)

Exploring privatisation of public space through a series of interventions and performances in Eindhoven. If visual metaphors of the private sphere are brought into the public realm, how might people react?

The picket fence as a ubiquitous marker of property. The territory inside this boundary is marked as one’s own, and what’s outside, belongs to all of us. Today, however, these boundaries are being blurred. The invisible fence has been creeping into the public realm, creating a new type of Privately Owned Public Space in our cities. While this is not noticeable to the majority  walking by, the most vulnerable members of our society quickly have to live with the consequences, as a result of different rules to those in truly public land.

Eindhoven Stationsplein: Public Space Intervention from Colin Keays on Vimeo.

Nieuwe Emmasingel from Colin Keays on Vimeo.