Gay Bar Tea Set
Ceramic Design (2018)

The Digitisation and Domestication of Queer Space in post-assimilated gay culture

The project began from a concern following the research into the dramatically high number of gay bars which have shut down in European cities over the last decade. The sense of community solidarity and security that queer space fosters goes beyond that of its physical setting - but this is at a transitional moment with rapidly changing times. More and more encounters between LGBTQ people are taking place online, and therefore within the private/domestic sphere.

The research led to the creation of a tea set - the ultimate symbol of domesticity. Physically, it embraces the glitches of digital manufacturing tools, in cooperation with traditional ceramic crafts, to create digitally confused and fragmented objects, much like the community they represent.

Consequently, somewhat cynical questions are inevitably raised when such a significant part of our shared cultural heritage has been reduced to a series of kitschy domestic objects.