Seeking Spatial Justice
Interactive Installation (2018)

The Hague is often cited as the most segregated city in The Netherlands - perhaps this is particularly ironic considering he city brands itself as an international city of “Peace and Justice”. Among many factors, this inequality sits at an intersection between space, and media. Our focus was on two areas representing the extremes of both of these: Schilderswijk, and the World Forum.

The heavily imbalanced media representation of these areas is an example of spatial injustice. When visiting the city, are the diplomatically glorified visions of the World Forum any more accurate than the manufactured fear-mongering in the portrayal of Schilderswijk’s so-called ‘Sharia Triangle’?

We chose to comment on this by counteracting the media rhetoric to show a different side of each area to that which is typically portrayed - the mundane and everyday, versus the overblown extremes. The interactive installation consists of two contrasting screens - one taken from the media, and one showing our own fieldwork investigations. A sensor is programmed to play the audio of the video behind, intentionally disorientating the viewer causing them to question what they are being exposed to.

Den Haag Media from Colin Keays on Vimeo.