“Soon All This Will Be Picturesque Ruins”
Gentrification in Five Acts

This project tackles narratives that respond to issues of gentrification and the diminishing presence of queer space in cities, through a series of immersive spatial experiences taking place within a disused shed at a property in Eindhoven which will be demolished and redeveloped at the end of the year.

Over a period of several months, five ‘Acts’ were curated within the shed, tracking different archetypal clichés associated with gentrification. Starting as a gay bar, the shed was then transformed into a café, an Airbnb and a luxury property marketing event. After each act, the space was completely renovated into a new spatial design.

A final installation documents these Acts by displaying five videos alongside associated artefacts and props. Referencing the exact form of the initial shed, the space ambiguously appears somewhere between a ruin and a construction site, while becoming a stage set to allow further performances.